Yeshivas Toras Yisrael is currently undergoing an incredible transformation!

For over half a century, Toras Yisrael was regarded as the “yeshivish” branch of the hailed Diaspora Yeshiva.  The magical combination of the Yeshiva’s location with the experience of being slightly removed from the constant rush of city life attracts many bachurim who yearn to learn Torah and strive for spiritual greatness in the holy atmosphere of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Toras Yisrael’s eminent faculty specializes in identifying the personal attributes of each and every student in the Yeshiva and helping him build and refine those character traits.

Torah study in the Yeshiva is uplifted, and students learn with genuine enthusiasm and vigor. The learning emulates the models of the famed Yeshivos Mir and Slabodka and is complemented by a  daily seder (study session) in Daf Yomi, along with riveting lectures by the Yeshiva’s Rabbanim that can be appreciated by learners of all levels.

Following the outstanding success of the Yeshiva, there has been steady demand to found a yeshivah ketanah (yeshivah high school) that follows the same model of learning, character development, and personal growth sans unnecessary competition and rivalry.

We look forward to welcoming our students to Yeshivah Ketanah Toras Yisrael this coming academic year. Registration is now open for young bachurim who aspire to build themselves both in learning and character development.






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