Nefesh Hachaim is a unique beis medrash (house of study) in Jerusalem that invites Jews to delve into the wisdom and truth of the Hidden Torah, discover their inner self, meaning, and purpose in this world on a higher level.

Heichal Nefesh Hachaim is located in the Tomb of King David, a”h, a sacred site that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually from around the world.

Here, specifically in this holy place, Jews reveal their unique path in life and utilize that deep inner epiphany to illuminate their surroundings.

If you are searching for true meaning based on the foundations of Jewish faith, join us at Heichal Nefesh Hachaim to learn and expose the latent strength and power within you!

Learning sessions in Hebrew and English.

Partner with us in this vital learning!

During these days, we are endeavoring to increase the learning in King David’d Tomb and expand Heichal Nefesh Hachaim.