The Place:

Diaspora Yeshiva hosts frequent Jewish cultural activities. The Yeshiva is a non-profit institution.

Diaspora Yeshiva’s world-famous musical tradition began with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, a former rebbi in the Yeshiva and director of the Diaspora Yeshiva Choir & Band which gained worldwide repute back in the late 1970s. Since then, the Yeshiva has hosted a wide variety of musical events.

Who We Are:

Eli Dan, creative musician and vocalist, works in the Diaspora Yeshiva on Mount Zion near the Old City of Jerusalem.

Netanel Leifer, music critic for Kipa, a Jewish web portal which reviews original Jewish music from around the world.

Rabbi Ofer Gissin, Rabbi and lecturer, one of the first developers of Israeli hi-tech and internet and active in the world of original Jewish music.   Rabbi Gissin was a partner in the first Jewish musical label MY”M (Musica Yehudit Mekorit—Original Jewish Music), and currently manages the Leeba Project, a social-cultural content site promoting Jewish values and exposing Israeli Jews to their roots and heritage through culture and arts.

Our Mission: 
Music is a spiritual entity, a deep, intrinsic soul need that deserves a place of its own. That’s why we designated a special area of the campus for the “MaYiM Center for Original Jewish Music”.

MaYiM Center invites Israeli musicians and artists who draw inspiration from Jewish sources to perform in the Center.

The Center hosts weekly performances. Rehearsal rooms and a recording studio are available at cost price.

In addition, we are currently spearheading projects to instill awareness and love of Jewish soul music in Jewish public conscience.  Our goal is to offer a stage to amateur artists to foster their creativity and promote musical expression and love of brand-new Jewish music along with the beloved oldies and Jewish classics.

Where Do You Fit in?

In this Jewish musical genre in which nearly every listener is also an artist in one form or another, we’re seeking to form a large pool of Jewish artists and listeners who will increase awareness of the incredible range of original versatile Jewish compositions.

Please share your contact information with us (cell phone or e-mail) so we can update you on special events and new developments in the wonderful world of Jewish music.

With MaYiM Center for Original Jewish Music still in its founding stages, we welcome all available assistance—from logistic support to recommendations for donors to exciting ideas for future developments.

Thank you, and we wish all of us boundless success in this special project!