Machon Roni is the leading women’s seminary in Israel for Spanish speakers. The seminary offers fascinating, inspirational courses in Jewish studies for women and adolescents.

In recent years, Machon Roni has acquired an outstanding reputation for its riveting, high-level learning. Its exceptional educational program has catapulted it into one of the most sought-after institutions for young Jewish women around the globe seeking to advance their Jewish studies in Israel.

Machon Roni’s doors are open to women and adolescents of all Jewish backgrounds, affiliations, and educational levels.  Lectures and classes at Machon Roni are suited to all levels of learners, with each individual benefiting from warm, personal instruction and spiritual guidance that helps mold and refine her Jewish character.

Being a Jewish woman is a privilege.

You’re a Jewish woman, and you want to do it right!

Machon Roni will show you how!


At Machon Roni, we invest maximal effort and resources to bring our students Jerusalem’s very best teachers in order to imbue them with the highest level of Jewish education. Our esteemed faculty is exceedingly devoted to the emotional and spiritual growth of each and every student. Through inspirational lessons and close teacher-student relationships, they illuminate the essence of a Jewish woman and ingrain students with desire and passion to build authentic Jewish homes and raise beautiful Jewish generations.  Indeed, we are proud to witness the fruits of our labor as we watch hundreds of Machon Roni alumnae marrying, building homes and families upon the pillars of Torah and loving-kindness, waving the banner of Torah and Judaism in Israel and around the world.

Subjects at Machon Roni span the range of Torah subjects and Jewish philosophy including Chumash, Navi, Pirkei Avot, Modesty, Halachah, Love of Torah, and much more. Jewish subjects are taught in the mornings in both Spanish and English, and Ulpan (Hebrew language classes) is held in the study hall in the afternoons.

The seminary features a comfortable dormitory adjacent to the Midrasha in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. On Shabbosos and Yomim Tovim (holidays), students are hosted by generous families in the community who open their homes and hearts to our women and offer them a closer look at Orthodox families living a wholesome Jewish life.

Exciting evening events, Rosh Chodesh parties, and trips to sacred sites and Israel’s famous tourist attractions are all part of the exceptional learning experience and inspirational atmosphere at Machon Roni.


For more information and registration:

Rabbi Levkovitz, Rosh Midrasha: (972) 54-842-5886

Mrs. Katz, Principal: (972) 52-717-8724