Welcome to the Mount Zion Educational Center!

We invite you to experience and benefit from a wide variety of exciting educational activities taking place on site!

Tours of Mount Zion and/or the Old City, lectures and seminars.

Reception halls for groups of all sizes.

Upscale hostels.

Catered meals for groups.

All establishments and services are produced in the magical atmosphere of timeless Jewish history.

At the Mount Zion Educational Center, you’ll discover a fascinating range of Jewish historic sites including the Tomb of the Kings of the House of David; an observation point overlooking the Old City; ancient stone walls constructed in the times of Kings David and Solomon and the Hasmonean era; halls from the period of the Crusades; bunkers from the War of Independence that were used again during the Six Day War; the Herodian water stream; the Chamber of the Holocaust; and a riveting film describing the history of King David and Mount Zion.

For more information and reservations, please send a message through our Contact Page or call:

(972) 2-645-6833.