Diaspora Yeshiva is located on Jerusalem’s Mount Zion. The Yeshiva was founded in 1965 by Harav Mordechai Goldstein, zt”l, in the western side of the capital, and relocated to Mount Zion in 1967.

The Yeshiva’s student body spans a broad range of ages, religious backgrounds, and nationalities, with students drawing from the USA, France, South America and Israel, to name just a few.  Among the diverse population are baalei teshuvah (returnees to Judaism) and individuals born to Torah-observant families who acquired advanced yeshivah education.

The Yeshiva features separate tracks for bachurim (unmarried students) and married men who study in a Kollel framework. There are also separate tracks for Israelis and foreign students.

An intensive learning syllabus encompasses Chumash and commentaries; Mishnah; Gemara and commentaries; Halachah (Jewish law); and mussar (Jewish ethics). Talmudic texts are studied and analyzed according to the method of the Ramchal Harav Moshe Chaim Luzatto and others. Along with its rigorous learning schedule, the Yeshiva also runs an exciting array of educational, social and cultural activities and programs.

Diaspora Yeshiva is renowned for its warm, growth-oriented atmosphere, and the personal relationships that develop between the Yeshiva’s faculty and students. The Yeshiva’s Rabbanim closely monitor each student’s progress, both in learning and character development.

Over the years, several branches of Diaspora Yeshiva have opened in Israel and around the world, with all actively endeavoring to promote the Yeshiva’s goals of strong Jewish education and personal involvement in Jewish culture and society.